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How to fix toner in printer

Skip to main content. Visi produkti. If you're running Windows 8. If your PC is running Windows 10 S, some printers might not work with it, or they might have limited functionality. If you're looking for help with a scanner, see Install and use a scanner in Windows Unplug and restart your printer. Check cables or wireless connection. Step 3. Uninstall and reinstall your printer. Install the latest driver for your printer.

Step 5. Run the printing troubleshooter. Step 6. Clear and reset the print spooler. Step 7. Fix printer problems after updating Windows Step 8. Change a printer's status to "online".

How to Repair a Laser Printer Drum

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Replacing a Cartridge - HP LaserJet Pro CP1025nw Color Printer - HP

New Zealand - English.Printers are the perfect finish for a home office, allowing users the convenience and ease of use without having to travel or pay to print documents or photos. Owning a printer has countless benefits, though, like any other technology, printers have a few minor caveats. If you are in the market for a printer, then you might be surprised by how many different types of printers there are.

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Deciding which printer is the right one for you is simple. Are you mostly printing photos and need a good quality printer? You will want an Inkjet printer, which prints slower than other models, but prints high-quality photos.

Another thing to consider is whether you need to scan and fax documents in addition to printing. You will want to purchase an All-In-One printer if that is the case. Cheap right? Another option is to purchase a slightly more expensive printer, like an Inkjet printer.

Every printer is different from the model to the brand. It is important to correctly identify what type of printer is being used. All printers can have the same problems, but different printers will have different solutions. For example, a paper jam is a common problem that occurs with all printers. How a paper jam is fixed will depend on the printer. Printer message errors are completely unreliable.

You can swap out an old toner with a brand new one and the printer will still insist it needs a new ink cartridge. Unless the cartridge itself is somehow damaged or broken, then resetting your printer should easily fix this problem. A hard reset consists of a couple steps that are typically really easy to follow. All you need to do is search on your computer for the reset instructions for your specific printer model.

Depending on what model printer you use, there may also be a video guide that shows how to do to reset. If you still have trouble figuring out how to reset your printer, you can call us at and we will be happy to assist you.

Usually, when you buy a printer, it comes with a toner and drum unit already inside it if it uses them. However, these cartridges are usually not filled all the way and you will need to have them replaced at some point in the future. The toner and the drum are two individual parts that require assembly after purchase.

how to fix toner in printer

Once the cover on the toner is removed, you simply slide it into the drum unit and then put the entire bundle into the printer.Printers: Can't live with them, can't nuke them. You could always toss a misbehaving inkjet or laser out the window, but where would that leave you? Truth be told, we need our printers, despite their maddening quirks.

Here's a saner idea: Take a deep breath, channel your inner tech support rep, and repair that which has failed you. Cue sitar. We've listed the 10 biggest printer annoyances -- of course, your Top 10 list may vary -- and ways to fix them.

Solution: Rev up printer performance --and save ink in the process--by reducing print quality for everyday output. While printer settings vary by model, here's how to switch to draft-printing mode in most Windows apps. Select Print and Propertiesand then look for a setting that reduces print quality. With the HP Photosmartfor instance, change the default print quality setting from Normal to Fast Draft click screen-shot at right.

Other speedup suggestions: Print pages from websites without graphics, and add RAM to your printer, if possible. Read " Speed Up Everything " for more tips. Solution: PC World has written a lot about the printing industry's sneaky practices over the years.

how to fix toner in printer

To wit: They snare you with dirt-cheap printers sold at or below cost, and then stick it to you later with ultra-pricey consumables. Based on our testswe can't recommend third party vendors' remanufactured or refilled ink cartridges, which may not give you your money's worth.

One cost-saving solution is to buy higher-capacity cartridges. If you print a lot, try an ink cartridge with a plus page yield, or a toner cartridge with a 2,plus page yield.

Solution: For some mysterious reason, Windows may select a new default printer--the one it automatically sends print jobs to. This happened to me when I upgraded from Vista to Windows 7. To fix this glitch in Windows 7, click Start the Windows icon in the lower-left corner of the screen and select Devices and Printers. Under Printers and Faxes, right-click the printer you want to make the default, and select Set as default printer.

If you're using earlier versions of Windows, these steps vary a bit. Here are instructions for Windows XP and Vista users. Problem: Printing is too slow. Problem: Windows is sending print jobs to the wrong printer.Is your Canon Printer offering blank pages? We can understand how irritating it is when trouble starts while we are working.

Some of you will be trying again and again, but let us tell you, there is no use of doing this, after trying repeatedly the printer will print blank pages only. Also, the printer will be out of service.

But, Are those important papers? Needed now? Are you worried? Canon is the most reliable printer. If you are finding the best printer for printing then Canon Printer will be the best choice.

It has many color contrasts too. Do you know why the Canon Printer prints blank pages? After finding the reason we will tell you how to fix it. Have a look! There is not only one reason for trouble while printing. There are many reasons for this issue. Have a look at which issue is troubling your printer. The reasons for this problem we discussed above are not too hard to recover. Replacing ink or toner cartridges is an important process to be performed as the ink or toner inside the cartridges may be dry or due to dryness making it difficult during printing.

So, the pages are blank. Check your ink and toner cartridges, if the ink or toner is full not dried then look at the points ahead.Many offices favor laser printers for their ability to produce a high volume of print work quickly and for a low cost. Some consumers also choose laser printers for use at home for the same reasons.

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Read on to learn how you can solve your current laser printer predicaments and prevent future issues! Always unplug your printer before reaching into it, avoid sticking your fingers into any moving parts, and wait for your laser printer to cool down before touching any internal components.

For a seasoned pro, installing and removing cartridges from a laser printer is a piece of cake. Diagnosis: A toner cartridge is ajar, stuck inside the printer, or otherwise improperly inserted. This could be caused by a number of things, including use of the wrong cartridge model.

The most likely fix for this problem is to take the cartridge out. If it still has toner left inside, install it back in the printer, taking care to insert the cartridge properly.

Solution: Always use the right toner cartridge for your specific printer model. You can also click on your printer brand for example, HP from the top banner, scroll down to your printer series like DeskJetfor examplethen choose the specific printer model you own in this example, HP DeskJet Make sure you always install your cartridges properly the first time to prevent them from getting stuck.

how to fix toner in printer

Taking a moment to check the cartridge model and align it properly in your printer will save you a lot of time and frustration in the long run. I keep getting paper jams in my laser printer. However, recurring paper jams may be indicative of some other issue at play.

how to fix toner in printer

Diagnosis: Either the page was misaligned, the paper was too thick, or the paper took on moisture prior to use. Solution: If you suspect that the page was misaligned one of the most common causes of paper jamsopen your paper tray and take out the stack of paper inside. Square the edges of your entire stack, line up the stack properly with the inside of your tray, and set the stack down in the correct position.

You should also keep your paper reserves stored in a cool, dry place. Environmental moisture can cause paper to warp or stick together, creating an unwelcome challenge to your usual printing routine. My device prints too slowly. A slow printer can wreck your productivity. Some printers simply have a faster print speed than others. Diagnosis: Your printer may be slow for a number of reasons. You could be using default settings that favor quality and efficiency over speed.

How to Fix Printer Problems on a Windows PC

You may also be using the wrong print drivers. If your print speed does not improve after making these changes, you may need to upgrade to a newer printer. Shop around for the best price and always look at the print speed and product specs of a given laser printer before you purchase it.

The toner keeps running out faster than it should. Diagnosis: You could be running low on toner, or your printer may just preemptively warn you that your toner levels are low.

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Many printers come with toner level monitors, but the accuracy of those measurements varies tremendously from one printer model to the next, even within the same brand or printer series. Solution: Opt for high-yield toner cartridges whenever possible. Ultimately, though, the best way to get more toner out of your cartridges is to keep printing until you notice substantial fading on your print work.

My print work turns out blemished blurring, banding, streaking, etc.

HP Printers - How to Check Ink or Toner Levels

There are many different possible causes of blemished print work. It could be a defective cartridge which can happen with any brand, including expensive OEM productsor it could be that something inside the printer needs to be cleaned or replaced. Diagnosis: Unfortunately, this problem will require a bit of trial and error. Solution: Try replacing the toner cartridge first. Have you ever printed something with the expectation that it would look more or less the way it does on your computer screen, only to get completely different results on paper?If your printer is not working properly on a Windows PC, here are some simple troubleshooting tips that can fix printer problems.

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The first steps are obviously the most obvious. Make sure the printer is connectedturned on, and connected to your computer or the Wi-Fi network if it is a Wi-Fi printer. This may seem obvious, but sometimes we forget to check the simple things before checking the more complex ones.

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First, make sure the printer is working properly. Make sure the printer has paper loaded when it is not printing. Even if you have loaded paper, you may need to align the paper correctly so that the printer can use it. Check the inside of the printer to make sure there is no paper jam that is preventing the printer from working. If this is the case, you may need to manually remove the jammed paper and clear things up.

Of course, you need enough ink if it is an inkjet printer or toner if it is a laser printer before you can print. Even if you only print in black and white, some inkjet printers may not print at all until you refill their color ink. You may be able to select a printer by clicking on it and displaying this information at the bottom of the window.

Or right-click a printer, choose Properties, and then search for ink or toner levels. Many printers report this type of information here, even if not all do it — it depends on the printer and its drivers.

You may also be able to view this information on the printer itself if it has a built-in status indicator. Printing problems can also be caused by problems with Windows. To ensure that nothing goes wrong, open the Printer Queue dialog box in Windows. If you see an older document that cannot be printed with an error, right-click on the document here and remove it. If a printer job is on hold, you can resume it from here.

If this option is activated, remove the check mark to deactivate it. You may need to install, update, or reinstall the printer drivers if it does not work properly. However, this does not always work. It will guide you through installing the printer drivers and discovering your printer. This option is located on a different location on each printer, depending on the printer software. In Windows, open the Devices and Printers window, right-click a printer, choose Properties, and then review the options to see what options are available for your printer.

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These options are provided by your printer drivers. You may find them somewhere else, e. The November update of Windows 10 changed the way standard Windows printers work. By default, Windows automatically becomes the default printer each time you print to a printer. This would be inconvenient if you leave a particular printer as the default printer and occasionally want to print to a different printer. If your printer has a physical control panel with buttons, you may need to press the OK button one or more times when a status message appears.

Some printers may only print when you click OK and check for a status message. Many things can go wrong with a printer, and some printers — especially older ones — can display confusing error messages. I hope that you can fix printer problems now. If you have any problem, comment us in the comment box. Your email address will not be published.

Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website.The devices are equipped with sensational features like speedy printing, automatic document feeder and many more. Sometimes, the users face trouble with their Brother Toner printers even after replacing cartridge of the printers.

Consequently, the users find it difficult to print their pages using Brother Printing device. Before anything else, first, open the front cover of the Brother HL Monochrome and keep it open while you perform given steps: 2.

First, turn OFF your printer. Keep in mind that all the lights must be turned on. Just wait for a moment and see whether all the panel lights have been turned on or not. Close the front cover of the device and try to print the pages.

First of all, open the front cover of the Brother MFC monochrome printer. Now, you will see a drum replacement menu. In the drum replacement menu, the users are not required to select an option. Go for performing the process of printing the pages. First of all, open the toner access door by keeping your printer powered ON.

Now, you are required to launch the reset menu. Scroll down reset menu to the reset options for toner cartridges of the printers. You will get reset options for complete 4 colours including Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and black colours.

Hit OK button after then. Each cartridge will reset individually. In the end, close the toner access door. Conclusion: After using all the above steps if you still face the problem then you may contact us via chat support.

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